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Consent in Long Term relationships

Relationships come in many shapes dynamics and expressions of what works for everyone involved, I wont cover the types f relationships that can exist, but whatever dynamic you are in, all people involved should be clear that they are involved in this union and in what capacity, level of commitment, communication, connection, and what the parameters of this connection is.

This will allow for clearer understanding and grounding in being in a conscious relationship.

As our relationship moves through time and falls into long term, we might fall into the mind frame that consent is assumed based on past sexual and physical interactions.

What is consent in a relationship?

Consent refers to permission or a mutual agreement reached upon between you and your partner(s). Whether you are dating, married or in long term union, consent is the backbone of your relationship. However, consent is not always about sexual intimacy. There is more to a relationship than sexual intimacy.

Consent in a long-term relationship

  • Not Assuming

In a relationship where there is consent, you always see and interpret words and body language with an open mindset.

For a relationship to thrive, you need to have courageous conversations with your spouse. That means you are free to talk about your fears, weakness and even speak to them about ways their behaviour has or is impacting you. This provides a conducive environment for your relationship to grow, and reduce misinterpretation of situations.

  • Building Emotional Safety

A healthy relationship should make you feel safe, and you can ask about anything without feeling judged. For your relationship to reach this level, there needs to be a space where all your requests and responses are welcomed.

Consent shouldn't have any thoughts or feelings of fear, worry or concern attached to it, it should come from a place of enthusiasm, not expectation.

  • Consent is Healing

If one has experienced any kind of sexual trauma, they will always be withdrawn. To get them to open up, you need to seek their consent regarding any sexual activity. If you notice your partner doesn't like anything you are talking about, avoid it.

Plus, it is wise to ask them to contribute to the topic without feeling interrogated. If you do this all the time, they begin to heal and open up.

  • Consent Applies to More Than Just Sexual Activities.

Consent is a crucial part of all relationships. Building a healthy conscious relationship includes feeling safe and open enough to speak about your sexual desires, boundaries and when and how sex should take place. Also giving you partner(s) space to process information, change if needed and realign to consent being freely given and enthusiastic. Remember, a relationship is all about unlearning and relearning.

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