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Empowerment Through Collaborations 

4Play Podcast

Welcome to 4PLAY Podcast! In this episode we chat with special guests Ann and Maxan about sexual wellness & their journeys through sex education.


A safe space to explore and express all things sex.
If you’re ready for sex, you’re ready to talk about it!


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Minds I Like Podcast

This podcast honours BIPOC Wellness Professionals that practice in the Health/Wellness Field(mind/body/spirit) This space is dedicated to Professionals who incorporate CBT into their therapeutic modality to achieve desired outcomes.
Join me(Alethia) guests discuss strategies on activating the mind; recognizing limiting beliefs that hold you back; mindfulness; current Afro& Indigenous Foundation healing methods. Join the FB group MindsIlike!
I will post tips from the interviews on IG @MindsIlike
A change agent that is radical about self care/wellness/healing as part of a balanced life.

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